About Us

Our company

Founded on July 7, 2020, ServerSam Solutions started by providing website development and website design services small retail businesses who were interested to venture into E-Commerce.

In June 2021, ServerSam Pte Ltd was formed. We are supported by a team of young developers and project managers, as well as a competent Sales and Marketing Team. ServerSam strategically provides efficient website development services and website design for small businesses who want to bring their business online. Our services range from content-writing, website development, website design, SEO optimization for websites.

E-Commerce Trends

Essentially, an ecommerce website is one that allows a business to function almost entirely online. By subscribing to our website design services, you can expect your business to function and customers to shop and purchase products from your store with minimal clicks.

Within the next five to ten years, we can expect traditional retail to be almost entirely supplanted by online shopping sites. That said, now is the time to begin shifting your business into the web. Without an organized and efficient website design, built by an experienced website developer, businesses will not be able to unleash their true potential to showcase themselves.

ServerSam provides you with an E-commerce website that is automatic, with minimal manual work. Our designs and development will ensure that you have a dedicated control panel to control the website design, whilst maintaining the functionalities of the essential services, making your site stand apart from others

Who we are

ServerSam has provided website development for different clients and business services. We believe that website design is important to help businesses appeal to their target audience.

We have extensive knowledge of current E-Commerce trends which allows us to provide you with the proper services and website designs that allow you to remain competitive while allowing your money to work for you by bringing customers and raising awareness to your customers.

As a startup ourselves, ServerSam understand the need for good website design for new businesses and entrepreneurs. We understand the need for a simple, yet aesthetic website design personalized for each of our clients.

During the website development phase, we aim to provide frequent updates with our clients through constant communication via our Microsoft Teams Channel. Regarding updates and progress checks.

Why choose ServerSam?

ServerSam prioritizes our focus on human-system interaction. We provide efficient, simple system designs that allow you, to easily modify, and manage your platform.

Human-system interaction is our top priority. We ensure that users, ranging from endpoint merchants to the customers that land on your website, get a good user experience.

Having a good process workflow, gives you the ability to retain your customers with the ability to gather new customers.