Swift Inventory System

The Swift Inventory System (SIS) is a database core system. With an application fronting our client side processes, the SIS' main function is the management of data. This system is currently only being utilised by clients who require very detailed and customised database core systems. 

One of our clients - NGI (Nan Yang Gemological Institute) utilises this system for their data entry of gemstones. Customers come to NGI to file and log their gemstones. NGI provides customers with a certificate after they have done a well detailed analysis of the gemstones provided by customers. 

NGI uses SIS by ServerSam to smoothen and speedup their process with features like report generation, web forms for gemstone analysis, and the storing of customer data. With all the data going into the cloud and database, NGI is able to provide customers with reports that are generated by the SIS upon completion of their individual gemstone analysis.