Swift Website Builder

The Swift Website Builder (SWB) was launched on September 2022. For customers and clients who are looking for a cheap way to build and host a website with a customised domain. 

There are many new businesses that are starting up in Singapore, and having a well designed website to enable digital marketing and advertising is crucial to your business growth. 

The SWB allows you to customise a website of your very own with multiple templates at your service. The websites arew designed by our own ServerSam employees who will work side by side with you to meet your expectations and requirements. Ensuring that you have a well balanced website with classic, modern themes and aesthetic designs. 

Hosting is charged at SGD$12.99 per month. Most of our clients are recommended to find a domain hosting of their own to purchase their domain before approaching us to utilise our DeSwift package. 

Contact us at enquiries@serversam.com for more information.